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Staying healthy is a part of long life, and at Dave Fisher's Power House Gym we do just that! We encourage healthy living by providing the best in gym equipment.


Active amount of gym use is highly important and Dave Fisher's Power House Gym is the elite in fitness and body sculpting. We have indoor and outdoor areas available.


Working out with the best inspires you to become one of the best or the best you can be. Join Dave Fisher's Powerhouse Gym and get the best workout you can have.

Why Dave Fisher's Powerhouse Gym?

We know everyone’s got a reason. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, train for a marathon or just relax after work, it’s all here. At Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym in Torrance, CA, we’ve created a health club experience to keep you inspired every step of the way. A safe place for you to do what makes you feel healthy, happy, and strong.

“I’ve been in bodybuilding most of my life and I think deep down every bodybuilder dreams to own their own gym.”
-Dave Fisher

Dave Fisher is a professional bodybuilder, competing in national and international competitions. Mr. Fisher turned pro in 1993 at the “North American Championships” and continued to compete in dozens of pro shows during the ’90s. A true legend in the competitive world of body-building  is now the owner and operator at this amazing gym known as, Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym.

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Who we are
Full-Body Strength

Full-body workouts is what you can find here at Dave Fisher’s Power House Gym. With a full array of gym equipment, you will find what you need.

Learn Machines

Our gym employees and trainers are always happy to help our members with any machine. We enjoy showing them how our machines work and function the proper way.

Dave's Playground

Our out-door area is perfect for those morning and afternoon days of working out. With the amazing equipment and relaxing environment, Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym is the perfect spot for any work out. 

Why choose us

We have provided the best in Fitness Service for 10 Years

This also means we have provided a learning environment and  experience from many successful trainers in the industry. Our most important goal was to create a welcoming atmosphere and community in which everyone feels a sense of belonging.

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What Our Client Say

Great gym. the equipment/machine you need always seems to be available. Also, you can’t help but be motivated working out here. No talking or hanging out here. Just people getting work done.

Rose -
Nick Melgar
Nick Melgar @NickMelgar
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It’s a no BS real gym. With real people who are respectful and serious about fitness. The staff is great, the equipment is plentiful and the hours work for any daily routine. Would highly recommend. And I won’t be going to any other gyms again.
Gabriel Aldaco
Gabriel Aldaco@GabrielAldaco
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best gym by far always clean and no games folks put the weights back and clean up after always even before covid19
Kenny Montejano
Kenny Montejanohttps://qrco.de/bbt9sA
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The place to be. Nothing else like it.
Sandra Del Castillo
Sandra Del Castillo@sandradc75
Read More
Love this gym. Definitely for people who are serious about working out!
Christina McLellan
Christina McLellan@ChristinaMcLellan
Read More
Wonderful, friendly gym! I always feel welcomed and motivated here! Smaller than corporate gyms and always able to get on the machines I want.

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