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Welcome to Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym.
Your new playground to meet your fitness goals. We know everyone’s got a reason and staying healthy is part of a long life. At Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse gym we have created a health club experience to keep you inspired every step of the way.
Fitness is a way of life and our purpose is to offer our members a space that supports their journey.

About Dave

"I’ve been in bodybuilding most of my life and I think deep down every bodybuilder dreams to own their own gym."

Dave Fisher is a professional bodybuilder that has competed in national and international competitions. He earned his pro card in 1993 at the “North American Championships” and continued to compete in dozens of pro shows during the ’90s. A true legend in the competitive world of body-building now provides a playground to make achieving fitness goals fun. His legacy continues with the impact he brings the bodybuilding community by providing mentorship and a spotlight on current competitors.




Our out-door area is perfect for those morning and afternoon workouts with a beautiful view of the beach hills. Experience top of the line fitness equipment with a surrounding garden to provide a breath of fresh air while you put the work in.


Access to strength training equipment targeting upper and lower body. Our gym provides an organized space with room for you to explore our specialized machines and free weights. Additionally you will find plenty of squat racks, smith machines, cable equipment, and deadlift stages.


Transform your body with one-on-one personal training sessions that are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Receive tailored programming, individualized attention, and support.


Our gym employees and trainers are happy to assist members in utilizing machines. Providing basic information on how machines work and function the proper way.



Here at Powerhouse we have created a safe environment for individuals to explore their fitness interests and accomplish their goals. Join the Powerhouse Family today. We offer numerous membership options.
Call today 424-206-1596 to let us help you find the plan that fits you best!


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